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Analytical Essay # 61573 :: Information Technology Management
An extensive analysis of the challenges facing the management of information technology systems in organizations.
Written in 2004; 4,049 words; 10 sources; MLA; $ 109.95
Paper Summary:
This paper discusses one of the most important aspects of information technology in today's digital era - information technology management. The paper contends that organizations can only succeed and ensure their solid future through the development of an in-depth understanding of the organizational and management processes that underlie information technology-induced organizational change. The paper examines the necessity for the development of conceptual and practical knowledge in the areas of managing change, knowledge management, systems analysis and design, information technology strategy, problem-solving methodologies, project management and e-business.
The Challenges of Information Technology in Organizations
Information Technology Objectives
The Implementation of Successful Information Technology Systems
Case Study 1: Background
Case Study 1: Successful Information Technology Practice
Case Study 2: Background
Case Study 2: Successful Information Technology Implementation
Information Technology Risk Management Overview
The Management of Information Technology Today
From the Paper:
"The management of information technology systems in organizations has emerged as one of the most important aspects of information technology in this digital era. Although problems with information technology systems are not a new phenomenon, their impact seems more pronounced. The organizations of today face unique challenges in the information technology systems area unlike those of the traditional project management of the past. The incessant continued drive toward eBusiness means that information technology has become ever more critical to the success of the organization as a while. As a result, information systems project managers face more pressure and visibility over failed initiatives. Organizations are typically dealing with chaotic, technology-influenced projects that generate knowledge. The quality of knowledge-generating projects is also most heavily affected by the skills and intellectual capital of the project team. "

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